Copper from the Democratic Republic of Congo


16 / 02 / 2017

Etienne Le Goff

After an airborne magnetic survey, GexplOre was missioned in March 2016 for an initial recognition of an anomalous zone. A copper mineralization potential around a semi-industrial mine was also carried out.

The one week mission focused on 2 objectives :

  • A first geological and geochemical recognition of a magnetic anomaly identified by the geophysical survey,
  • Highlight of the potential for copper mineralization in a semi-industrial mine.

Due to time frame, soil samples over 3 geochemistry lines were collected and analyzed on site with an XRF. They were then sent to a certified laboratory for ICP-MS analysis. All data were processed by GexplOre and confirmed that the mag anomaly is associated with mineralized alteration zone.

The artisanal open pit geological review confirmed the nature of the mineralization (oxidized copper or malachite). The mineralized potential around the mine is strong due to wild lateral extension that characterize this type of deposit.

GexplOre exploration geologist in RDC

GexplOre exploration geologist in DRC


Malachite DRC

Malachite DRC


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