Contract geologist

  • Camp accomodation - Tanzania

    Camp accomodation - Tanzania

  • Geochemical sample collection

  • Drilling campaign management

Your needs

Field geologist

Mineral exploration activity is often subject to large variations due to market conditions. Staff management is often complex and it might be complicated to find qualified people when it is needed.

Experienced geologist

You quickly need geologists trained in mineral exploration techniques.

You want to deploy several teams on your permits to meet deadlines.

You have field missions for few weeks to several months and you want to increase your workforce in temporary ways.


You need flexibility for your geological and geochemical surveys, monitoring drilling campaigns or manage the exploration on your permits.


Our solutions

Experienced teams, from regional exploration to drilling monitoring

GexplOre’s teams are able to intervene in various geological environments, in French, English, Spanish speaking areas, from the early stages of exploration to 3D modeling deposit.

We attach great importance to the training of our teams. During our missions we developed methodologies according to international standards (Ni 43-101, JORC, …). Our teams are therefore operational as soon as they arrive in the field.

Our geologists have worked in various geological contexts ranging from the Archean to the Cenozoic. We explored for the following commodities:

  • Precious metal : Gold
  • Gemstones : diamond and emeralds
  • Base metals : Pb, Cu, Zn, Fe,
  • Radioactive metal : U
  • Critical metals : W, Sn
  • Quarry industry: Silica, stones
Project Manager Burundi

The right person at the right place

Our network is composed of international geologist with different speciality and experience. From our experience, we believe is important to take time to find the right person with a proven experience and an open mind human skills. All our contract geologist once in place in your company have an unlimited access to internal resource and they can be advised by our technical expert.

Over the years, we had to set up several team in different cultural environment and we are ready to work with you. Here below is the list of contract geologist position we have been ask by our clients:

  • Exploration Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Exploration Geologists
  • Logistical Managers
  • Field Technicians

Qualified geologists and competent person

Eurgeol certification

GexplOre geologist team includes qualified geologist members of the European Federation of Geologist. The European Geologist title is a professional title which recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology. European Geologists are recognised by the mineral reporting authorities in Australia, Canada, South Africa and London as professionals accredited to sign reports on mineral resources within their area of expertise and in the valuation of mining companies quoted on the Stock Exchanges.

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