Field Services

  • Core boxes from drilling campaigns

    Core boxes from drilling campaigns

  • Soil sampling with manual auger for geochemical campaign

    Soil sampling with manual auger for geochemical campaign

  • Ongoing core drilling

    Ongoing core drilling

  • Rock chips collected through RC drilling

    Rock chips collected through RC drilling

  • Geolical outcrop

    Geolical outcrop

Your needs

Geological mapping

National Geological Service seeking to develop its mining potential, or private company wanting to develop the geological understanding of its license, you need competent teams on the ground to achieve geological mapping, from regional to target. Looking for people experienced in all types of terrain who can adapt to any geographical and geological environment

Geochemical sampling

You need to deploy multiple teams on your license to carry out sampling campaigns, soil, rocks, stream sediments etc . You want to be sure that these teams are aware of the sampling techniques and respect the QA/QC procedures.

Geophysical survey of regional target

You want to make acquisition campaigns of geophysical data and need competent people able to collect, to process and to interpret geophysical data.

Ongoing core drilling

Ongoing core drilling

Drilling Campaign Management

You need geologists capable of monitoring diamond drill holes or destructive boreholes, regularly report on the progress of the drilling, which can deal with contingencies related to this kind of operation.

You also need to manage relations between the drilling contractors, the field team, the laboratory etc. to ensure the good performance of campaigns and compliance with defined budgets and schedules.

Sensitization of mineral exploration issues

Mineral exploration projects are at the heart of intense debate. Real stake in society, mineral exploration remains unknown to the public. In the communication framework around these projects, and in the interests of transparency, you need qualified people and teachers who can answer the legitimate questions raised by these issues, beside the administrations and local populations.

You also need people who can meet the owners and tenants of the land concerned by your exploration campaigns to explain the steps taken and to gather the necessary authorizations before any intervention.



Our solutions

Experienced geologists, from regional exploration to drilling targets.

GexplOre provides its customers with experienced geologists in the field work specific to mineral exploration. Our expertise lies in :

  • QA/QC management, sampling (stream sediment, termites, soil, rocks, etc.) and laboratory items ;
  • acquiring and processing magnetometric, electromagnetic, electric and seismic data on the ground in your environment ;
  • Geological mapping: petrographic expertise, regional mapping, mineralogical characterization, definition of alteration halo, structural characterization ;
  • Awareness of mining projects: communication with local authorities, associations or individuals.
Quartz vein outcrop

Quartz vein outcrop

Our geologists have worked in various geological environments ranging from Archean to Cenozoic. We are particularly specialized in exploring the following commodities:

  • Precious metals: Au,
  • Base metals: Pb, Cu, Zn, Fe,
  • Energy Metals: U,
  • critical metals: W, Sn,
  • Gemstones: diamonds, emeralds


In addition to its services, GexplOre has equipment available to our customers:

  • Development of applications on rugged field pads as part of geological mapping, reconnaissance of mineral occurrences or for geochemical sampling campaigns ;
  • Portable probe measuring the conductivity and magnetic susceptibility (GDD MPP-multi-parameter EM2S +) ;
  • Overhauser magnetometer GSM19 ;
  • Many field laptops ;
  • DGPS ;
  • Augers ;
  • XRF.

Quickly mobilized teams

GexplOre is able to quickly deploy the team you need in France (mainland and overseas territories).

Our company has the networks to be quickly operational internationally, particularly in East Africa and West Africa.

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